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New Academic Year; Karzai Once Again Asks Taliban to Open the Doors of Schools and Universities for Girls

Bayan News – Hamid Karzai, the former President of Afghanistan, in a message on the occasion of the new academic year in Afghanistan, has requested that the Taliban open the doors of schools and universities for girls.

Karzai wrote today, Monday (17th March), on the X platform that usually, with the start of the new academic year and the beginning of classes, there is joy and happiness among female and male students.

He further wrote that unfortunately, it has been nearly three years since girls have been deprived of education and cannot attend schools and universities.

The former President of Afghanistan emphasized that the education of girls ensures the survival of society and frees the country from dependence on others.

Karzai once again urged the Taliban to open the doors of schools and universities for girls and create a better educational environment for them.

After coming to power in Afghanistan, one of the Taliban’s initial actions was to block girls’ access to schools and universities.

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