Taliban Asks Uzbekistan to Invest in Afghanistan’s Oil and Mines

Bayan News – Nooruddin Azizi, the Taliban’s Minister of Industry and Commerce, has asked the government of Uzbekistan to invest in Afghanistan’s mining, copper, and oil sectors.

The Taliban official met with the Deputy Minister of Mines of Uzbekistan on Saturday (July 6) and requested that Tashkent invest in the oil and gas sectors in northern Afghanistan.

According to the Taliban’s Minister of Industry and Commerce, Afghanistan’s oil and gas reserves in the north are geographically close to Uzbekistan, which could easily invest in these sectors.

Mr. Azizi also asked Uzbekistan to invest in the copper mines of Ghazni and Herat provinces.

Currently, most of Afghanistan’s mining operations, especially the oil fields in Sar-e Pul province, are contracted to Chinese companies.

Over the past three years, the Taliban have consistently asked regional countries to create favorable investment conditions and that they can invest in the extraction of Afghanistan’s mines.

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