National Examination Board: Unveiled Women Not Allowed in Ministry of Public Health Professional Exams

Bayan News – The National Examination Board announced in a statement about the start of biometric data registration for applicants of the Ministry of Public Health’s professional exams in Kabul.

On Monday (January 1st), the board stated that female applicants can participate in the health professional exams while observing religious hijab. Failure to comply with hijab requirements will result in being prohibited from taking the exams.

The statement reads, “Candidates who do not observe religious hijab will not be allowed to enter the institute for the biometric data registration process and will be disqualified from the examination.”

The National Examination Board further added that the process of biometric data registration and registration for the professional exams in the Ministry of Public Health will continue until Thursday.

Currently, thousands of women, while observing hijab, are actively serving in various departments of the Ministry of Public Health and healthcare centers in Afghanistan’s provinces.

Furthermore, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has imposed strict social restrictions on women and girls since assuming power.

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