Sirajuddin Haqqani Meets with U.S. Security Officials in the UAE

Bayan News – Some Afghan media outlets have reported that Sirajuddin Haqqani, the Taliban’s Interior Minister, will meet with U.S. officials during his trip to the United Arab Emirates.

Two credible sources in Kabul said on Wednesday (June 5) that the two sides will discuss security concerns, but these sources did not provide further details.

The blacklist, prisoners, drone flights, and the education of girls are some of the issues that are likely to be discussed between the Taliban’s Interior Minister and U.S. officials.

Sirajuddin Haqqani traveled to the United Arab Emirates yesterday on his first overseas trip and met with the head of state of that country.

Additionally, the current Taliban Interior Minister is the person for whose arrest the United States has offered a $10 million reward.

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