Two cases of suicide in a day reported in Afghanistan

Bayan News – Sources from Herat and Kunar provinces have reported that two young individuals have committed suicide in these two provinces.

Sources reported on Saturday (June 8) from Kunar province that a young boy in the city of Asadabad, the center of this province, has drowned himself in the river and ended his life.

Sources have named this young boy “Nurullah” and stated that he was a student at the Sayed Jamaluddin Afghan University.

According to sources, he was originally from Helmand province and had moved to Kunar province for studies.

It has also been reported from Herat province that a young man has hung himself due to his economic problems and ended his life.

The source named this young man Mohammad Aref and stated that he was around 21 years old.

In recent months, the rate of suicide among the youth in Afghanistan has increased.

Poverty, economic problems, and family violence are considered the major reasons for the suicides of young individuals.

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