Qalibaf: ISIS is seeking to destabilize Afghanistan’s neighboring countries

Bayan News – Iranian and Tajikistani parliamentary leaders have emphasized the fight against ISIS and the formation of an inclusive government in Afghanistan.

According to Iranian media, Mohammad Baqir Qalibaf, the Speaker of the Iranian Parliament, stated in a meeting with his Tajikistani counterpart that the ISIS group seeks to disrupt the security of Afghanistan’s neighboring countries.

During the meeting, Qalibaf stressed the need for joint efforts against ISIS and the establishment of an inclusive government in Afghanistan. He also attributed the recent explosions in the Iranian city of Kerman to the activities of ISIS in Afghanistan.

Qalibaf stated, “In the current circumstances, we certainly need extensive cooperation to combat terrorism, arms trafficking, and drug smuggling in Afghanistan.”

The Speaker of the Iranian Parliament further reiterated that the current Afghan government must realize that without the participation of all groups, tribes, and political currents in the country, they cannot form a stable government. He emphasized that this is the most important issue that regional countries, especially Afghanistan’s neighbors, should pay attention to.

However, the Taliban considers the formation of an all-inclusive government as an internal matter of Afghanistan and consistently emphasizes that other countries should not interfere in this regard.

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