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Minister of Virtue and Vice Suppression of the Taliban: UNAMA should share its reports with us before publication.

Sayed Mahdi Hussaini

Bayan News – Concurrent with widespread reactions following the detention of girls by Taliban security forces, Khalid Hanafi, the acting Minister of Virtue and Vice Suppression, has reacted and considered the publication of certain reports as detached from reality.

In a speech delivered on Sunday (January 13) at a ceremony held in Kabul, the head of this ministry referred to the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) and described the publication of reports by this entity as one-sided and detached from reality.

Mr. Hanafi has requested from UNAMA to share its reports with the ministry before publication.

UNAMA recently claimed in a report that it is concerned about the detention of girls on charges of improper hijab in Kabul and Daikundi provinces. The organization further stated that it is investigating allegations of misconduct and unlawful detention, as well as the disproportionate impact of law enforcement operations on religious and ethnic minority communities.

In its report, the international organization still maintains that in order to ensure freedom, girls and women are required to have a male guardian or supervisor sign a letter guaranteeing future compliance, otherwise they will be subjected to punishment.

Quoting Roz Ottenbayeva, the head of UNAMA, the report states: “The detentions carry a great stigma that puts Afghan women at even greater risk. This undermines public trust.”

Simultaneously, Hamid Karzai, the former President of Afghanistan, also met with the head of UNAMA in Kabul today.

Karzai’s press office added in a newsletter that during this meeting, discussions were held regarding the current situation in Afghanistan, the situation of girls, and the reopening of schools and universities specifically for girls.

Mr. Karzai once again emphasized the need for national understanding to overcome the current crisis.

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