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Protests by Afghan Citizens in Over 30 Cities Worldwide in Response to the Detention of Girls

Bayan News – A group of Afghan citizens staged a nationwide protest in 30 cities around the world on Monday (January 21) in response to the detention of girls and women by the Taliban. The protesters took to the streets to voice their opposition.

This comes as the recent arrests of women and girls due to improper veiling have sparked outrage on social media networks.

Islam Abad City

Simultaneously, the slogan “Stop the Genocide of Shiites” has also been raised in nationwide protests by Afghan citizens.


Afghan activists in these protests claim that coordinated demonstrations have been organized in 30 cities worldwide in response to the ongoing detention and oppression of Afghan women and girls due to veiling.

The protesters have demanded that the Taliban release the imprisoned women and girls.

Based on the circulated video footage on social media, these protests have taken place in cities such as Islamabad, Berlin, Stockholm, and Rome.

These protests are being launched amidst recent restrictions imposed by the Taliban on women, including the enforcement of veiling according to Islamic Sharia law.

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