Taliban Economic Commission’s Decision to Purchase Wheat from Farmers During Harvest

Bayan News – The Taliban’s Economic Commission has decided, in accordance with the Ministry of Agriculture’s guidelines, to purchase wheat from farmers at a fair price during the harvest season in order to support them and control the price of wheat in the market.

The Office of the Deputy Economic Directorate of the Taliban stated in a newsletter that a routine meeting of the Economic Commission, chaired by Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, was held.

During this meeting, discussions and approvals were made regarding topics such as tolls for the reconstruction of the Kabul-Jalalabad second highway, the procedure for purchasing surplus wheat, and the implementation of complex electric gates in the eastern Kabul region.

According to the guidelines provided by the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation of the Taliban, wheat will be purchased from farmers at a fair price during the harvest season to support them, and it will be supplied to the market when necessary to control its price and prevent hoarding.

The Taliban’s Economic Commission also continues to prioritize the reconstruction project of the Kabul-Jalalabad second highway and will apply the same toll collection procedure as the Salang Highway.

After the reconstruction of the Salang Highway, the Taliban will collect tolls from vehicle traffic.

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