OCHA: Afghanistan Could Experience Severe Drought

Bayan News – The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has stated that Afghanistan is currently experiencing a dry and warm winter, raising concerns that the country could face a severe drought.

In a statement released today, Tuesday (January 23rd), on the X platform, OCHA wrote that this drought will have a negative impact on both rain-fed and irrigated agricultural crops in Afghanistan.

This concern arises as most provinces in Afghanistan have not received sufficient snowfall and rainfall, greatly worrying farmers.

This marks another year of drought for Afghanistan, which has faced recurring drought conditions in recent years.

Previously, several other international organizations also expressed concerns about the negative effects of drought and the increasing levels of poverty among the Afghan population.

FAO, in a report, added that 70% of farmers who cultivated more than two hectares of land have reported a decrease in their crop yields.

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