Taliban Security Official Reacts to Pakistani Army Commander’s Statements

Bayan News – Faseehuddin Fitrat, the Chief of Staff of the Taliban Ministry of Defense, deemed the recent statements by Asim Munir, the Pakistani Army Commander, as irresponsible and warned that such statements would damage the relationship between the two countries.

The Taliban Ministry of Defense issued a statement on Sunday, January 27, in response to the Army Chief’s remarks, stating that the Pakistani Army Commander’s statements were an insult to a Muslim nation.

Mr. Fitrat attributed these statements by the Pakistani Army Commander to the incompetence of Pakistani authorities and emphasized that they have failed to ensure the security of their own citizens and are shifting blame onto others.

The Pakistani Army Commander, in a speech two days ago, highlighted the foreign policy priorities of Islamabad and stated that the life of a Pakistani is more important than the entirety of Afghanistan. “When the security and well-being of individual Pakistanis are at stake, the entire Afghanistan can be sacrificed for it,” he said.

Senior Taliban security officials added that the people of Pakistan should react against such malicious statements by their statesmen, which fuel hatred between the two neighboring countries.

Fitrat stated, “The Ministry of National Defense emphasizes that, like irresponsible expressions, not only do not resolve the problem, but also damage the good relations between the two neighboring countries.”

These statements by the Pakistani Army Commander have faced strong reactions within Afghanistan, with some Afghan politicians labeling them as open hostility towards Afghanistan.

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