Water Crisis in Afghanistan; Over 20 Million People in Afghanistan Lack Access to Safe Drinking Water

Bayan News – Abdul Salam Haqqani, Deputy Director of Environmental Protection by the Taliban, states that climate change and drought have severely affected Afghanistan.

Haqqani made these remarks during a press conference on Tuesday (February 5), stating that due to the climate crisis, 21 million people in Afghanistan lack access to safe drinking water.

According to this Taliban official, Afghanistan does not contribute significantly to greenhouse gas emissions, but it is disproportionately affected by the climate change caused by these emissions compared to other countries.

He mentioned that forests used to cover 3% of Afghanistan’s land, but due to climate change, this figure has decreased to half a percent.

Haqqani added that in order to combat climate change and raise awareness, an international conference will be held at Nangarhar University next week, where both domestic and international experts have been invited.

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