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US State Department: Girls’ Return to Schools Is the Most Important Part of Washington’s Interaction with the Taliban

Bayan News – Simultaneously with the continuation of educational restrictions on girls, the United States once again emphasized that the most important part of its interaction with the Taliban is the return of girls to schools.

Wendat Patel, Deputy Spokesperson of the State Department, recently stated in a press conference that the United States will pressure the Taliban to revoke discriminatory orders that have affected the lives of women.

Deputy Spokesperson of the State Department

He further added in the conference that the normalization of relations with the Taliban is contingent upon respecting the rights of all Afghan people.

This US official also reiterated that Washington does not intend to initiate its diplomatic mission in Afghanistan in the near future, but the process of engagement with the Taliban continues.

However, after six months, no country has officially recognized the Taliban government, and yet, the international community is moving forward through interaction with the current government.

Simultaneously, some regional countries have handed over their embassies in Afghanistan to the Taliban.

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