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Women Protesters: We Confront the Taliban with Resistance, Not Negotiation

Bayan News – As the second Doha conference approaches, a group of women protesters state that no one in any session can legitimately represent women protesters in supporting the Taliban.

These women protesters, in a statement on Friday (February 8th), added that they are against the Doha conference and, according to them, the Taliban deserve to be brought to trial, not negotiated with.

The statement by these women protesters asserts that anyone participating as a representative of women protesters in the Doha conference would undermine the struggle.

They have stated, “We will only confront the Taliban with the language of resistance, not negotiation.”

Meanwhile, the United Nations has announced that it is working on a list of participants, including civil activists and women’s rights defenders, for the Doha conference, but the list is not yet finalized.

The second Doha conference, hosted by the United Nations, will take place on the 18th and 19th of the current month, focusing on global interaction with Afghanistan.

Taliban representatives have also been invited to attend this conference.

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