Iran’s Ambassador to Kabul: The Goal of the Contact Group is Cooperation with the Current Afghan Government

Bayan News – Hassan Kazemi Qomi, the Ambassador and Special Representative of the President of Iran for Afghanistan, states that the goal of establishing a regional contact group is to cooperate with the current Afghan government.

He made these remarks on Monday (February 10) at a ceremony commemorating the 45th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, held at the Iranian Embassy in Kabul.

Two weeks ago, the first meeting of the contact group was held in Kabul with the participation of representatives from Iran, Russia, Pakistan, Turkey, and several other foreign diplomats.

The Iranian ambassador in Kabul, referring to this meeting, said that Tehran proposed the establishment of a regional contact group in order to strengthen stability in Afghanistan and the region.

He added, “In fact, the primary goal of this idea and the formation of the contact group is to cooperate with the current government in helping them achieve security stability, political stability, improve the economic situation, and lay the groundwork for regional initiatives.”

According to Qomi, this plan is part of the Islamic Republic’s efforts to engage with other neighboring countries of Afghanistan and regional countries in order to establish an executive mechanism to create better conditions for the people of Afghanistan.

The Iranian ambassador recently made statements regarding Afghanistan that have faced widespread reactions from politicians and social media users.

Qomi had previously stated in his latest remarks that if necessary, more than one martyr battalion would go to defend Gaza in the face of Israel’s war.

the Taliban’s Political Advisor at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

On the other hand, Abbas Estanikzai, the Taliban’s Political Advisor at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, described the interaction and expansion between Afghanistan and Iran in the political, economic, and cultural fields as significant in this ceremony.

He added that Afghanistan and Iran, based on the principles of goodwill and good neighborliness, have moved towards mutual confidence-building and have reached the understanding that they should have interaction with each other, taking into account the broader perspective, to achieve the principles and interests of the two countries’ people.

According to the political advisor of the Taliban’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the common historical, religious, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds between the two countries contribute to the expansion and strengthening of Afghanistan-Iran relations in various dimensions.

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