US Senate Approves $95 Billion Aid Package to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan

Bayan News – American media outlets have reported that the United States Senate has approved a $95.3 billion aid package to Ukraine, Taiwan, and Israel.

The aid package was passed by the Senate on Wednesday (February 13th) with 70 votes in favor and 29 votes against.

According to the Associated Press, the bill providing assistance to these countries was passed after more than 20 Republican representatives joined the Democratic majority.

The report also states that Republicans believe the United States should initially focus on domestic issues, including the immigration crisis at the Mexican border.

On the other hand, supporters of the aid package believe that neglecting Ukraine would give Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, the audacity to jeopardize security worldwide.

However, in this aid package, $60 billion is allocated for assistance to Ukraine, $14 billion for aid to Israel in its conflict with Hamas, $8 billion for assistance to Taiwan in countering China, and $9.2 billion for humanitarian aid to Gaza.

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