Initiation of the Second Doha Meeting at the Initiative of the United Nations

Bayan News – The second Doha meeting, hosted by the United Nations and attended by over 30 special representatives from various countries for Afghanistan, has commenced today, Monday (February 18).

This two-day meeting is chaired by António Guterres, the Secretary-General of the United Nations. Four specific topics related to Afghanistan will be discussed and deliberated during this two-day meeting.

Representatives including Lotfullah Najafizada, Shagul Rezayi, Mahbouba Seraj, Maria Akrami, Maryam Wardak, and Mitra Mehran are participating on behalf of civil activists and women’s rights defenders.

Representatives from the Taliban’s interim government were also invited to attend this meeting, but the Taliban have declined participation.

The Taliban’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that they are not participating in this meeting due to the non-acceptance of their conditions and therefore, the Doha meeting is not beneficial for Afghanistan.

The non-participation of the Taliban representatives in this meeting has sparked reactions on social media.

Some social media users have stated that the presence of Taliban representatives in this meeting was necessary, while others have contended that the Taliban, through this action, isolate themselves further.

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