Russian Embassy in Kabul: Taliban’s Non-Participation in Doha Meeting Was “Documented and Logical”

Bayan News – The Russian Embassy in Kabul, in support of the Taliban’s interim government position of not participating in the second Doha meeting, announced that this action was documented and logical.

In a statement issued on Monday (February 19), the embassy added that Russia’s special representative for Afghanistan refrained from meeting with Afghan civil activists on the sidelines of the Doha meeting.

The statement read, “Taking into account the requests of the Afghan government, the Russian side decided to abstain from participating in the organized session with the participation of nameless Afghan civil activists.

The selection of the aforementioned civil activists was conducted in a non-transparent manne and behind Kabul’s back.”

The Russian Embassy in Kabul considered this behavior by the Taliban principled, and at the same time, the Taliban’s interim government also appreciated the embassy’s action.

However, the Taliban’s interim government refrained from participating in the second Doha meeting and did not consider it beneficial for the people of Afghanistan.

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