Houthi Militants Attack Two American Ships

Bayan News – International media outlets have reported that Houthi militants launched missile attacks on two American ships on Monday evening (February 19th).

According to the published reports, the Houthi militants fired a ballistic missile at the “Sea Champion,” a US-flagged ship owned by Greece, but no damage was inflicted on the vessel.

US officials have confirmed these attacks on the ships.

According to US officials, the second ship, the “Navigator Forcuna,” flagged under the Marshall Islands, was also targeted in a drone attack and sustained minor damage.

48 Attacks

Unofficial estimates from the United States indicate that since October 7, 2023, when the war in the Gaza Strip began, the Houthis have carried out 48 drone and missile attacks against ships.

According to a previous Pentagon report, US forces have been targeted multiple times in attacks by these forces.

These group’s attacks have disrupted global maritime traffic and increased fears of global inflation, leading many companies to redirect their routes from the Red Sea to South Africa, which is a longer and more expensive route.

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