Netanyahu: The ceasefire agreement must give Israel legitimacy to continue the war

Bayan News – Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, says that any agreement to establish a ceasefire in Gaza must allow Israel to continue to achieve its objectives in the war.

Netanyahu said on Sunday (July 7): “The plan that Israel has agreed to and which has also been welcomed by President Biden, allows Israel to return the hostages without violating other war objectives.”

On the other hand, the Hamas group also announced yesterday that it has accepted the US proposal to start negotiations for the release of Israeli hostages.

Two informed sources told Reuters that Hamas is waiting for Israel’s response to the proposed ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.

This proposal from the US is aimed at ending the 9-month-long Gaza war.

After Hamas accepted the US ceasefire proposal, two officials from the group told Reuters that they had submitted their response to the mediators and are waiting to hear Israel’s response.

The three-stage ceasefire plan was presented by US President Joe Biden at the end of May, and Qatari and Egyptian mediation brought it to the attention of the parties involved.

The Hezbollah drone attack in Lebanon injured 18 Israeli soldiers

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