The Hezbollah drone attack in Lebanon injured 18 Israeli soldiers

Bayan News – Arab media reported that as a result of a drone bombing of the positions of the Israeli army on the Golan Heights on the border with Lebanon, 18 Israeli soldiers were injured.

The Israeli army, confirming this drone attack, stated that the health condition of one of the soldiers of this country is critical.

In the statement of the Israeli army, it was stated that the drone attack of Hezbollah Lebanon was carried out on Sunday (June 30).

According to the Israeli army, this attack took place after the targets related to Hezbollah in the south were subjected to air strikes and artillery fire from the same time.

However, with the start of the Gaza war, the exchange of fire between Hezbollah and the Israeli army in the border areas has been continuously ongoing.

According to the published reports, these clashes have led to the death of at least 479 people in Lebanon, including 313 Hezbollah members and 93 civilians.

The intensity of these clashes has increased in parallel with Israel’s threats to carry out a major offensive on its northern front with Lebanon, while the US has warned that it is unable to prevent the implementation of any such Israeli attack plan.

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