Four Pakistanis Killed in Shooting by Iranian Border Forces

Bayan News – Pakistani media, citing officials in the country, reported that on Thursday morning (May 30), four Pakistani citizens were killed as a result of shooting by Iranian border forces.

According to the Dawn newspaper, the incident occurred in the border area of “Washook” in Balochistan province, where two others were also injured.

Dawn, citing a senior security official, reported that the victims were sitting in the Pakistani border area when Iranian forces opened fire on them inside Pakistani territory and killed them.

A Pakistani official stationed at the border said the Pakistani citizens killed and injured were involved in smuggling oil from Iran, and one of the injured also said they were waiting for an oil shipment when the Iranian forces opened fire.

Iranian media reported that the Iranian border forces opened fire on a group of “fuel smugglers” in the border area of Saravan in Sistan and Balochistan province, leaving at least four dead and four injured.

The website “Hal-o-wash”, which covers news from Sistan and Balochistan, reported that the killed and injured fuel smugglers were from Pakistani Balochistan, and four other fuel smugglers also went missing in the course of this shooting incident.

Iran’s state media have opaquely reported that as a result of the shooting by the government forces of the Islamic Republic in the two provinces of Mazandaran and Sistan and Balochistan, at least 5 people were killed and 4 were injured.

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