Refugee crisis: A boat carrying 300 refugees has been missing in Spanish waters for a week

Bayan News

Spanish media reports, citing rescuers, say that a boat carrying 300 refugees has been missing in waters near the Canary Islands for a week.

Spanish maritime rescuers have been searching for a fishing boat that had departed from Kafo Contain, a city on the southern coast of Senegal, and was heading to Spain for the past three days.

According to reports, many women and children were among the passengers on the boat.

It is also reported that two other boats carrying dozens of passengers have also gone missing.

However, Reuters has also reported, citing Spanish officials, that these two boats were carrying more than 110 passengers.

It is not yet clear from which countries the refugees came.

It is worth noting that a small boat carrying 500 refugees also sank in the Mediterranean Sea not long ago, and it was considered the deadliest incident in migration history.

According to published reports, only 78 refugee bodies have been confirmed, and the rest of the boat’s passengers are still missing.

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