Israel Agrees to Exchange 700 Palestinian Prisoners for 40 Israeli Hostages

Bayan News – Israel’s Radio and Television Organization revealed yesterday (March 24) that Tel Aviv has agreed to the release of 700 Palestinian prisoners in exchange for the freedom of 40 Israeli hostages during the weekend negotiations in Qatar.

According to Al Arabiya, this recent development in Hamas and Israel negotiations in Doha was carried out with the support of the United States, Egypt, and Qatar.

Citing a high-ranking Israeli source, the report confirms Israel’s agreement to release approximately 700 Palestinian security prisoners, including around 100 life-sentenced prisoners, in return for the freedom of 40 hostages.

The source explained that Israel is still considering a proposal under which seven Palestinians serving life sentences would be released for each female soldier hostage in the hands of Hamas.

“Based on this, Israel will not have the right to object to the names demanded by Hamas. However, if the right to object to names is granted, more Palestinian security prisoners will be released for each female soldier,” the source elaborated.

Details on the contentious issue of the number and identities of Palestinians to be released, as well as the topic of the return of evacuees to northern Gaza, remain significant points of disagreement.

The source also mentioned that Washington is exerting explicit pressure on Tel Aviv through its Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, to make progress in the negotiations and reach an agreement within a few days.

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