Conclusion of the United Nations Security Council meeting on Afghanistan; What is so secret?

Bayan News – The closed-door session of the United Nations Security Council, held on Monday (February 26), concluded without an official announcement of the results.

This was the first Security Council meeting following the second Doha meeting, where key issues concerning Afghanistan, including the appointment of a special representative for Afghanistan, were discussed.

International media reporters present at the UN headquarters have reported serious disagreements among permanent members of the Security Council regarding the approach to interact with the interim Kabul government. These disagreements have made decision-making on Afghanistan challenging.

The closed-door nature of the Security Council meeting has elicited international reactions.

Samira Hamidi, the Afghan section manager at Amnesty International, raised the question of what is so secretive about Afghanistan that this council holds closed-door sessions?

She further wrote that in UN bodies such as the Security Council, such meetings raise significant questions about Afghanistan.

Ms. Hamidi stated that the Afghan people have the right to know what discussions and conversations countries are having about Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, Nasir Ahmad Fayeq, the acting representative of Afghanistan at the United Nations, added to reporters: “It does not seem that the Council members are taking any serious decisions regarding Afghanistan.”

Fayeq also stated that permanent members of the Security Council are engaged in disagreements regarding the approach to interact with the Taliban and other Afghanistan-related issues.

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