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The United Nations has provided job opportunities for 16,000 women in Afghanistan

Bayan News – The UN Development Program (UNDP) announced that these employment opportunities have been primarily offered to women who are heads of households, allowing them to meet their needs.

This comes in response to the ongoing restrictions imposed by the interim Taliban government on women and girls in Afghanistan.

The Taliban has banned women and girls from working in institutions for the past two years, imposing severe social constraints.

The ban on women’s employment has led many families, especially those headed by women, to face economic hardships.

In light of this situation, the international community has criticized the continued restrictions on Afghan women and girls, resulting in sanctions imposed on some Taliban leaders.

However, the Taliban considers the issue of Afghan women and girls as an internal matter and has urged the international community not to intervene.

They have repeatedly stated that these restrictions do not apply to women’s economic activities and that women can participate in economic endeavors.

The Taliban’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry has reported that over the past two years, more than 5,000 women have obtained licenses for small-scale business activities.

These recent initiatives by the United Nations and the European Union aim to support Afghan women economically and alleviate the challenges they face due to the restrictions imposed by the Taliban.

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