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It is imperative for the authorities to provide opportunities for the education of women and girls

Bayan News – Amidst the international protests against the ban on the education of women and girls, a senior official of the interim government in Kabul emphasizes the reopening of girls’ schools and the education of girls.

Shir Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai, the political representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, stated today (August 23) in a seminar titled “The Role of Women in the New Era” organized by the Academy of Sciences that it is necessary for the authorities to create an environment for education for women and girls.

The political representative of the ministry clearly stated that education is obligatory for both men and women in Islam.

He said, “Women have participated and served in jihad alongside men for over forty years.”

Abbas Stanikzai

This senior official of the interim government in Kabul had previously opposed the ban on the education of girls and women and expressed hope in several speeches that schools would reopen without discrimination.

However, after two years, it is still unclear when schools will reopen for girls.

Officials from the Ministry of Education had previously stated during the government’s accountability program that efforts are underway in this regard, but they did not mention anything about the timeline for reopening schools.

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