Special Representative of the European Union Calls the Doha Conference an Important Opportunity for Afghanistan

Bayan News – Thomas Nicholson, the Special Representative of the European Union for Afghanistan, described the Doha conference as an important opportunity for Afghanistan in a press briefing in Kabul on Friday (February 8th).

He told reporters that the focus of his trip to Kabul was to engage with the Taliban, the people of Afghanistan, and other groups in preparation for the Doha conference, and constructive discussions have taken place in this regard.

According to Nicholson, the Taliban and relevant parties have discussed the “Independent Assessment of Afghanistan” report as a positive way to protect the rights of the people and the Taliban’s interest in having positive relations with the world.

Nicholson further stated that the recommendations of this report have been welcomed in his discussions with the parties.

The Special Representative of the European Union for Afghanistan emphasized that the Taliban cabinet ministers have expressed their opinions about the Doha conference and stated that they are currently considering the composition of their delegation for the conference.

The Doha conference, hosted by the United Nations, will take place in the next ten days with the participation of special representatives from countries around the world.

The interaction of the international community with the Taliban government and the appointment of a special representative for Afghanistan by the United Nations are among the topics of the Doha conference.

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