Palestinian Death Toll from Israeli Attacks Surpasses 30,000

Bayan News – The Guardian, citing the Ministry of Health in Gaza, has reported that the number of Palestinian casualties resulting from Israeli military attacks has surpassed 30,000.

According to this international media outlet, Hamas does not differentiate between military and civilian casualties in its statistics. However, independent media sources are unable to confirm or refute these figures.

The civilian casualties in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas continue to rise, while nearly five months of international diplomatic efforts to establish a ceasefire have not yielded results.

Nevertheless, there are reports that a one-month agreement may be reached between the two parties during the month of Ramadan, up until the coming Monday.

On the other hand, humanitarian organizations have stated that over two million people in Gaza are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance, but the Israeli army has blocked humanitarian access routes.

Some neighboring countries have attempted to airlift emergency food supplies to the residents of Gaza in order to provide immediate aid.

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