Unprecedented Snowfall in Afghanistan Helps Alleviate Drought Concerns

Bayan News – Simultaneously with consecutive droughts in Afghanistan, heavy snowfall in most provinces of the country has brought optimism in addressing concerns over recent drought conditions.

Najibullah Sadid, an expert in water and environmental management, stated to the media on Tuesday (March 4) that the significant snowfall accompanied by rain throughout Afghanistan indicates that the country will not experience drought.

Based on his findings, he mentioned that the extent of snow coverage and its density far surpass previous years, indicating that Afghanistan will have a water-abundant year.

Sadid further stated that there will be more heavy rainfall in the coming days.

However, in recent days, approximately 30 provinces in Afghanistan have experienced heavy snowfall, which has brought hope among the Afghan people but also resulted in casualties due to natural incidents.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Disaster Management, at least 20 individuals have lost their lives in various provinces of the country as a result of snowstorms and flash floods.

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