Political Trends: Holding the Doha Meeting in the Absence of the People is Conceding to the Taliban

Bayan News – A group of political currents and women’s protest movements in Afghanistan have reacted to the holding of the third Doha meeting hosted by the United Nations, and do not consider it in the interest of the people of Afghanistan.

The joint statement of the political currents was published on Wednesday (June 5) and stated that the experiences of four decades of dialogue and the holding of such meetings have proven that whenever the will of the people as the main owners of this country is ignored and the root causes of the crisis are not addressed, such political showpiece actions have never solved Afghanistan’s problems and, on the contrary, will add to the consequences of the crisis.

The statement states: “Afghanistan is under the rule of the Taliban and lacks a legitimate government. Therefore, increased international engagement with Afghanistan, in a structured and coherent manner, is meaningful only if the will and interests of all the people and ethnicities are taken into account, political parties, the political currents involved in the issues, and the women’s protest movements as the interpreters of the will of the people, ethnicities and women, in the face of oppression, terrorism, discrimination and apartheid prevailing in the country, are present at the conference and discuss international engagement with Afghanistan.”

According to the political currents, in such a situation, any dialogue in the absence of the main representatives of the Afghan people, under any title, is actually conceding to the Taliban group.

These political currents have also pointed out that the Taliban do not have the right to represent the people of Afghanistan at the Doha meeting.

It is worth mentioning that the third round of the Doha meeting will be held on June 30, hosted by the United Nations and with the participation of the special representatives of the countries for Afghanistan.

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