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Amiri: Overcoming poverty and dependency in Afghanistan requires the cancellation of Taliban’s restrictive orders against women

Bayan News – Rina Amiri, the United States Special Representative for Women and Human Rights in Afghanistan, states that in order to liberate the country from poverty and dependency, the Taliban’s policies towards women and girls must be revoked.

Amiri raised this issue on Sunday night (March 9) on the X platform and further added that Afghanistan loses over one billion dollars annually due to the repressive policies against women and girls.

The U.S. Special Representative for Women and Human Rights in Afghanistan wrote, “In order to free Afghanistan from dependency and poverty, these policies must be reversed.”

However, according to published reports, the Taliban has issued at least 85 restrictive orders against women and girls since coming into power in Afghanistan.

Following the issuance of these orders, women and girls have been prohibited from education, studying, working, and enjoying other social freedoms.

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