The United Nations and donor countries are reviewing the process of humanitarian assistance in Afghanistan

Bayan News – A diplomatic official from the United States states that the United Nations and donor countries are set to reexamine how humanitarian assistance is being provided to Afghanistan.

This issue was raised by Karen Decker, the US Embassy’s official for Afghanistan affairs, and it is mentioned on the X platform that the aim of the review of humanitarian assistance is to focus primarily on transparency and oversight.

It is still unclear where and when these reviews will take place.

This news comes amid several reports of Taliban interference in the process of humanitarian assistance in Afghanistan. The United Nations and the United States, being the major donors of aid to Afghanistan, emphasize that the assistance will be carried out without Taliban interference.

However, the Taliban claim that they do not intervene in the international humanitarian assistance process.

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs has stated that 23.7 million people in Afghanistan are in need of humanitarian assistance this year.

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