Taliban Consul General in Pakistan: Over 4,000 Afghans Freed from Prison in Two Years

Bayan News – Mawlawi Abdul Jabar Takhar, the Taliban’s Consul General in Karachi, Pakistan, has announced the release of over 4,000 Afghan prisoners in Pakistan over the past two years.

This Taliban official recently stated that among the released individuals are those with legal documents, and 850 of these prisoners who had legal documents remained in the Sindh province of Pakistan, while the rest were sent back to the country.

The Taliban Consul General in Karachi has also stated that the situation of Afghan migrants in the Sindh province of Pakistan is normal at present and has called on the Pakistani government not to harass or mistreat any migrants who have legal residence.

This comes as, following the Pakistani government’s decision to deport Afghan migrants, even those with legal documents in the country have been subjected to harassment, mistreatment, and detention by the police.

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