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Amnesty International: Pressuring the Taliban to repeal prohibitions against women and girls

Bayan News – Amnesty International welcomed the extension of UNAMA’s mission in Afghanistan, emphasizing the vital importance of this organization’s monitoring of human rights conditions.

The organization stated on Friday night (March 16) on the X platform that UNAMA must continue to provide public, strong, and frequent reports on human rights and simultaneously must pressure the Taliban to lift the prohibitions against Afghan women and girls.

Amnesty International has called on UNAMA and the international community to prioritize the human rights emergency with a focus on the rights of women and girls.

It is worth mentioning that the UNAMA mission was extended for another year in the meeting of the United Nations Security Council with 15 favorable votes.

The extension of the UNAMA mission in Afghanistan comes at a time when the international community is deeply dissatisfied with the human rights situation in this country, as the fundamental rights of women and girls have been undermined under the Taliban’s rule.

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