Afghanistan-Pakistan Tension; Taliban Ambassador Meets with Durrani

Bayan News – The Embassy of Afghanistan in Pakistan announced today, Friday, March 22, that Commander Ahmad Shaheen, the Taliban ambassador in this country, has met with Asad Durrani, Pakistan’s special representative for Afghanistan.

This meeting takes place four days after the Pakistani army conducted airstrikes on areas of Afghan soil.

According to a press release from the Afghan Embassy in Islamabad, discussions and exchanges of views took place during this meeting regarding the recent issues between Afghanistan and Pakistan, revitalizing political and trade relations.

No further details have been disclosed about this meeting.

Pakistan’s special representative for Afghanistan had previously stated that over five thousand members of the Pakistani Taliban movement have sought refuge in Afghan territory.

Following these statements, the Pakistani army carried out airstrikes in the provinces of Khost and Paktika in eastern Afghanistan, further escalating tensions between the two countries.

The Taliban in Afghanistan considered Pakistan’s airstrikes as a violation of national sovereignty and, in response, launched attacks against Pakistani military installations on the other side of the imaginary border line.

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