Israel’s Attack on Iran’s Diplomatic Center; Tehran Sends a Significant Message to the United States

Bayan News – Hussein Amir-Abdollahian, the Foreign Minister of Iran, says that his country has sent a significant message to the United States as a supporter of Israel.

Abdollahian wrote on the X platform: “Following the terrorist attack by the Israeli regime on the diplomatic building of the Islamic Republic in Damascus and the martyrdom of several of our official military advisors, the Swiss Embassy, as the custodian of America’s interests in Iran, was summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by the Director-General of America at 12:45 a.m. today, Wednesday.”

The Iranian Foreign Minister continued: “In this summons, the dimensions of the terrorist attack and the crimes of the Israeli regime were explained, and the responsibility of the United States government was emphasized.”

Mr. Abdollahian also stated that a significant message was sent to the United States as a supporter of the Israeli government, and America should respond.

Meanwhile, Matthew Miller, the spokesperson for the US State Department, said to reporters on Tuesday afternoon (April 1) in response to Israel’s attack on Iran’s consulate in Damascus that Washington is consulting and engaging with its allies in the region and gathering information.

Miller emphasized that the United States cannot comment on this attack at the moment.

The spokesperson for the US State Department said, “I don’t want to make any comments on it until we gather the details and sufficient information, but it is clear that we are always concerned about anything that leads to increased tension and conflict in the region.”

In response to this Israeli attack on Iran’s diplomatic center in Damascus, the Iranian mission to the United Nations has requested an urgent meeting of the Security Council in a letter.

The Russian representative to the United Nations Security Council has announced that this urgent meeting will be held today, Wednesday, local time.

Reactions to Israel’s Airstrike on Iran’s Diplomatic Center in Syria

The United Nations, Qatar, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan have reacted to this Israeli airstrike on Iran’s diplomatic center in Damascus, the capital of Russia.

The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has condemned this Israeli attack and stated, “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia rejects any targeting of diplomatic centers, which violates international diplomatic laws and regulations.”

The government of Qatar has also condemned this Israeli action against Iran’s diplomatic center in Syria and called it a clear violation of agreements, international conventions, and diplomatic norms.

The Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs added that it is necessary to protect diplomatic missions and their staff in accordance with international laws.

However, according to reports in the Iranian media, in the Israeli airstrike on Iran’s consulate in Damascus, several diplomats, including three Iranian military advisors, were killed.

An Israeli attack on Syria resulted in the killing of a senior commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps

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