Armed clashes between Iranian security forces and Jundallah militants continue after five hours

Bayan News – Iranian officials have announced that a military base in Rasak and Chabahar in the country came under attack by armed militants from Jundallah on Friday morning, April 4th.

According to the security officials of the country, three Iranian security forces have lost their lives in the clashes with the militants, and the armed confrontations are still ongoing after five hours.

Majid Mirahmadi, the Deputy Minister of Interior of Iran, stated to the media of the country, “The terrorists simultaneously attacked the law enforcement headquarters in Darabani, which is under the border guard’s jurisdiction, and the Sepah base in Rasak. In addition, ambushes were set up along the route of the dispatched reinforcement forces to prevent their arrival for assistance.”

Simultaneously, the Tasnim News Agency, affiliated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, reported that two Jundallah terrorists have been killed during the past five hours.

According to this news agency’s report, the Jundallah militants opened fire from the Rasak Hospital area towards the Sepah base at the beginning of the clash, and they encountered a retaliatory response from the Sepah forces.

Furthermore, the Tasnim News Agency reported that the attackers have targeted native Baloch forces in the Parud combat unit on the Rasak-Iranshahr route.

Social media users have claimed, by sharing video clips of the armed clashes in Rasak and Chabahar, that the clashes are still ongoing.

The circulated videos indicate that these clashes have spread in the south of Sistan and Baluchestan province.

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