Former Iranian Government Official: No Israeli Embassy Will Be Safe Anymore

Bayan News – Rahim Safavi, former commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, warns that no Israeli embassy will be safe anymore.

During a speech at a memorial ceremony for the victims of Israel’s attack on the Iranian consulate building in Damascus, this former Iranian official added, “No Israeli embassy is secure anymore.”

He stated that 27 Israeli embassies in various countries, including Egypt, Jordan, Bahrain, and Turkey, have been closed due to fear of an Iranian attack.

He further stated, “The Supreme Leader of the Revolution has promised a powerful and regrettable response, and the resistance front is prepared. We must wait for the time to see how it will unfold.”

Previously, the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps also promised during the government’s Quds Day march that Israel would be punished for its attack.

This comes as, following Israel’s attack on the Iranian diplomatic center in the Syrian capital, all Israeli embassies in different countries are on high alert.

The United States has declared that it will support Israel in the event of a mutual attack by Iran.

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