Justice Minister’s Warning to the Taliban: We’re Coming After All Land Usurpers

Bayan News – Abdul Hakim Sharai, the Minister of Justice, states that numerous lands have been seized by powerful individuals, but no one reveals who exactly has been involved in these land seizures.

In a video released by the Ministry of Justice on Thursady (April 11), the Justice Minister declares that the ministry will go after all land usurpers.

The Taliban’s Justice Minister explicitly emphasizes that land seizures have reached unprecedented levels during the previous Afghan government.

Mr. Sharai said, “Every jihadi leader, former government officials, and national elders who are summoned before this ministry say, ‘Don’t call us usurpers and don’t insult us.'”

This Taliban official claims that some leaders of the previous Afghan government are accused of land usurpation and they must be held accountable.

In recent months, the Taliban has taken the issue of seizing government lands seriously.

Not long ago, the Ministry of Justice of the Taliban expelled Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, the leader of the Islamic Party, from his residence due to land usurpation.

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