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Prominent Shia scholar in Afghanistan emphasizes education for girls: “Education is a righteous act”

Bayan News – Ayatollah Waeidzada Bahsudi, a renowned Afghan Shia scholar, has called on the Taliban to open the doors of schools and universities for girls.

During his sermon at the Eid prayer ceremony in Kabul on Thursday (April 10), the Shia scholar stated, “The importance of education cannot be denied, as education is a righteous act.

Whoever performs righteous deeds, whether they are a woman or a man, God will grant them a virtuous abode.”

Referring to mixed educational institutions, he added that he opposes mixed-gender classrooms, but the educational environment should be Islamic, with separate classrooms for girls and boys.

Mr. Bahsudi further emphasized that if there are ten thousand boys’ schools, then the world should ask the Taliban to build ten thousand girls’ schools as well.

He stated that the closure of educational institutions is not beneficial and stressed that budget allocations and a greater human workforce are required to separate universities, schools, and classrooms for girls and boys.

For the past three years, the Taliban have blocked the doors of schools and universities for girls.

Karzai once again demanded the lifting of the ban on girls’ education by the Taliban

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