Deputy Minister of Interior of the Taliban: The political system cannot rely solely on the existence of the Taliban

Bayan News – Mohammad Nabi Omari, the Deputy Minister of Interior of the Taliban, criticized the monopolization of Afghanistan’s current political system by the Taliban in his remarks.

Speaking at a exhibition for students at the Mechanical Institute of Khost Province, he stated that if the leaders of the Taliban believe that the system can only be built with them and the clerics, it is a mistake and unacceptable.

This security official of the Taliban emphasized the need for modern education in present-day Afghanistan and stressed the importance of professionals contributing in various sectors.

Omari serves as the deputy to Sirajuddin Haqqani, the Minister of Interior of the Taliban.

Mr. Haqqani, over the past nearly three years, has consistently demonstrated a soft stance in his positions and has called for increased interaction between Afghanistan and the international community.

However, the Taliban has imposed severe restrictions on the people of Afghanistan, particularly women and girls.

The Taliban suppresses its political critics and, at the same time, it appears that certain restrictions, such as banning girls’ education, have not been lifted, which has strained Kabul’s relations with the world.

Despite three years of governance, no country has officially recognized the Taliban.

Prominent Shia scholar in Afghanistan emphasizes education for girls: “Education is a righteous act”

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