China’s Request to the Taliban: Respond to Rational Concerns of the World

Bayan News – The Taliban Ministry of Foreign Affairs has stated that the third session of the “mechanism” for communication and cooperation between China and the Taliban was recently held in Beijing.

The Taliban Ministry of Foreign Affairs added in a newsletter on Friday (April 18) that during this session, discussions and dialogues were held on expanding economic and political cooperation and providing humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan.

On the other hand, the head of the Asian Department of China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated to the Taliban delegation that their country does not interfere in the internal affairs of Afghanistan, but it is expected that the Taliban will respond to rational concerns of the world, including the formation of an inclusive government.

The newsletter from China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs states: “China expects the responsible countries for the current situation in Afghanistan to fulfill their responsibilities seriously and return the frozen funds to the people of Afghanistan.”

It has also been reported that discussions and conversations took place during this session regarding the opening of the Wakhan Corridor and the commencement of copper and lithium mining.

China has expanded its political and economic relations with Afghanistan since the emergence of the Taliban in the country. Recently, the Chinese government, in an unprecedented move, accepted the credentials of the Taliban ambassador in a ceremonial event.

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