The World Bank has announced an $84 million aid package for Afghanistan

Beyan News – The World Bank announced on Tuesday (April 30) that its board of directors has approved an $84 million aid package for Afghanistan.

According to the World Bank statement, this assistance package will contribute to increasing economic activities in rural and urban areas and will also provide greater livelihood opportunities for women.

In the World Bank statement, Melinda Good, an official of the bank for Afghanistan, stated that over the past 18 months, this project has laid the foundation for an effective service delivery platform.

According to her, with additional funding, this project will continue its essential work in 6,200 villages and 8 major cities over the next 26 months.

Melinda also stated that the resilience and livelihood project has already created short-term employment for more than 776,000 households, benefiting approximately 5.4 million Afghan citizens.

This assistance is being provided at a time when unemployment and poverty in Afghanistan have been on an upward trend over the past two years.

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