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World Press Freedom Day: UNAMA Calls for Protection of Journalists

Khadija Jamali

Bayan News – The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) has called for serious support and protection of Afghan journalists in a message on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day.

Today, on Friday (May 3), which coincides with World Press Freedom Day, UNAMA added in a message: “We advocate respect, serious support, and protection of Afghan journalists.”

In the message, Tadamichi Yamamoto, the head of UNAMA in Afghanistan, stated that despite the significant risks, journalists make utmost efforts to provide accurate information to the people of Afghanistan.

Yamamoto added, “Their (journalists) work is vital for an informed, advanced, and prosperous nation in key areas such as education, environment, health, economy, and good governance for all Afghans.”

Lack of Access to Information

Meanwhile, a group of journalists in Kabul state that May 3 arrives as journalists and media personnel face serious economic challenges and lack of access to information.

In a statement, Kabul journalists stated, “The Afghan Journalists Movement urges the caretaker government (Taliban) to pay serious attention to ensuring the professional security of journalists and access to information and take serious steps in this regard.”

According to these journalists, the Taliban must set aside censorship restrictions and promptly enact the Mass Media Law to ensure the media operates in the light of this law.

These journalists emphasized that the increase in the number of domestic media-supporting entities has led to the violation of journalists’ rights by corrupt individuals.

They stated, “Based on our fundamental positions, we emphasize the revocation of licenses for corrupt and illegitimate entities by the Ministry of Information and Culture and the establishment of an independent media entity by the Afghan media community.”

However, after coming to power in Afghanistan, the Taliban has restricted media freedom.

According to statistics from the Afghan Journalists Center, the Taliban violated the rights of journalists in 126 cases in the past year and in some instances, journalists were threatened or detained.

Afghan Journalists Center: Taliban has violated 136 cases of media freedom

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