Flood in Badakhshan Sweeps Away 10 Members of a Family

Bayan News – The local Taliban officials in Badakhshan province say that last night, with the flooding in this province, 10 members of a family lost their lives.

Zabihullah Amiri, the head of Information and Culture of this province, told reporters that this incident occurred last night (May 25) in the “Murchak” village of Faizabad city, the center of Badakhshan province.

He stated that the flood swept away a couple and their children.

On the other hand, Mohammad Akbari, the head of the Badakhshan Natural Disaster Response Department, says that a team has been formed in cooperation with the “Akc” organization to find the bodies of 9 members of the victim’s family who drowned in the Kokcha River due to last night’s flood, and the operation to retrieve their bodies is underway.

Mr. Akbari further said that so far, the body of the mother of the family has been recovered from the river, and the bodies of the father along with five daughters and three sons of the family are still missing.

Floods and severe storms have claimed the lives of 14 individuals in several provinces of Afghanistan

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