Sources: The Chaman border crossing between Afghanistan and Pakistan reopened after six days

Bayan News – Civilian sources in Paktia province in eastern Afghanistan say that the “Chaman” border crossing between Afghanistan and Pakistan has been reopened for vehicle traffic after six days.

This crossing had been closed due to border clashes between Taliban forces and Pakistan in Paktia.

Civilian sources told the media that this crossing was reopened by the Taliban and Pakistan on Friday (May 24).

According to the sources, the Chaman crossing is one of 18 Afghanistan-Pakistan border crossings, through which 100 to 150 trucks pass daily.

However, according to video footage circulated on social media, shops and residential houses in the Dand Patan district market were destroyed as a result of military clashes between the two sides.

During these clashes, in addition to the Chaman crossing being blocked, hundreds of families had left their areas.

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