Save the Children Organization: Children in Afghanistan are facing a hunger crisis

Bayan News – reported that in the current calendar year, three out of every ten children in Afghanistan are facing a hunger crisis.

The report from this organization was published on Monday (27th of May), expressing concern that by the year 2024, 6.5 million children in Afghanistan will be facing a famine and hunger crisis.

Quoting the organization’s CEO Malik, the report states that over 7,000 children have been treated for malnutrition since the beginning of the calendar year.

He described the hunger, along with recent floods in northern Afghanistan, as a “dangerous situation for children” in wide areas of Afghanistan.

Malik said that the organization has set up a “mobile clinic” in Balkh. In this clinic, male and female doctors, mental health specialists, and child protection experts are working.

He said, “Children in flood-affected areas have limited access to clean water, and some of them have developed stomach illnesses.”

This organization urges the global community to prioritize increasing humanitarian aid for Afghanistan.

According to this report, floods, drought, and the mass return of refugees from countries like Iran and Pakistan have increased food insecurity and disproportionately affected children.

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