The Third Doha Session; the United Nations Continues Engagement with the Taliban

Bayan News – On the eve of the third round of the Doha talks, the United Nations has announced that the organization will continue its current course in Afghanistan and in engagement with the Taliban.

Stéphane Dujarric, the spokesperson for the organization, recently said in a press conference that the Taliban are the de facto authorities in Afghanistan and that engagement with them will continue.

According to the UN spokesperson, the organization is continuously and persistently putting pressure on the Taliban regarding the rights of women and girls.

He also said that the United Nations is continuing its efforts to provide more humanitarian aid to the suffering people of Afghanistan.

The UN Secretary-General’s spokesperson said that countries’ representatives have been invited to participate in a meeting in Doha to create transparency and consistency in the world’s approach to the situation in Afghanistan, with a priority on the human rights of women and girls.

Simultaneously, it has been reported that Russia will also remove the Taliban from the list of banned groups in the near future.

In addition, the President of Russia said in a press conference in Uzbekistan that the Taliban are the real power in Afghanistan and that Moscow’s relations with them are currently appropriate.

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