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Rina Amiri: The Taliban have destroyed the future of Afghanistan’s girls

Bayan News – Rina Amiri, the U.S. special representative for Afghan women and human rights, says the Taliban’s ban on girls’ education has destroyed the future of this country.

Ms. Amiri wrote on the X platform on Thursday (June 13) that Afghanistan is the first country in the world that has prevented girls’ education through extremist policies and has isolated Afghanistan.

She further wrote that with the continuation of these repressive policies, the dreams of Afghan girls have been shattered.

However, the Taliban have now kept schools and universities closed to female students for more than a thousand days.

Although Taliban officials have said they are not against girls’ education, three years later, there is still no news of the fate of girls’ schools.

Many countries and international organizations believe that by implementing these policies, the Taliban is keeping Afghanistan from progress and development.

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